Military Archery Ritual in Kyoto

The Mushajinji Ritual Dispels Bad Luck & Brings Good Fortune

This is a ritual which not many people have heard of, even the locals. It is called the Mushajinji ritual, which is a military archery ritual held at Kyoto’s Kamigamo Shrine. It is said that the origin of this event started in the imperial court during the Heian period as means to dispel bad luck.

It is a special event where people dressed in traditional attire shoot arrows at a target 1.8 meters wide. By shooting arrows at the target, they are praying for good fortune as well as to repel evil away for the coming year.

Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016
Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016


Symbols of the Targets & Arrows

The targets are not just any targets that you have seen before. They have the word oni written on the back, which means “demon” or “ogre”. So, as you might have already guessed by now, the targets symbolise misfortune, whereas the arrows act as purifying agents.

The ritual usually takes place in mid-January at 11am in the morning. If you want to be in the front row however, I strongly recommend that you arrive early, probably about an hour earlier. If not, you would have to keep on tip-toeing or go all the way to the back, nearer to the entrance of the shrine where you can’t see what’s happening.

Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016
Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016

Anyway, at 11am, you can see a host of men and women in old style court attire assemble in the open grounds on the shrine precincts. Two priests will then officially begin the ceremony by firing special whistling arrows at the targets before the other archers line up to fire off volley after volley.

I have seen it myself and honestly speaking, when my friend first invited me to observe this ritual, I wasn’t quite interested. I thought it’s just a typical archery event, where all I’m going to see is a man with a bow let fly a quiver of arrows.

Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016

Everything Was Done to Perfection

But I was wrong. The entire ritual was done to perfection. The archers were very detailed in everything that they did, starting from the beginning when they were preparing to shoot until the act of firing the arrow. It was definitely a sight to see. The elegance, perfection, respect and emotions being put into this ritual was very impressive. I’ve got to say that I was indeed very lucky to have captured all of these elements in my photos. I couldn’t thank my friend enough.

Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016

When Will It Be Held This Year?

This year, the Mushajinji ritual will take place on the 16th of January and it starts at 11am. Admission is free. So if you are interested, I recommend you go check it out, and maybe let me know what you think about the event!

Kamigamo Shrine Archery Ritual | 16.1.2016