About Me


Student by Day, Writer by Night

MyPixelDiaries is founded by Asyraf, who is a Singaporean living in Kyoto for more than 2 years. He is a full-time university student in Ritsumeikan University, after he graduated from a language school in Kyoto’s ARC Academy.

He is also a freelance writer. He loves writing articles of various niches for all kinds of clients. Travel writing is his forte and hence, his main focus.

Asyraf now utilises his writing skills to start a blog, which allows him to showcase his photography as well as to connect with his audience who are mostly interested in travelling in Japan and those who wish to stay in Japan either for further studies or work.

As an avid photographer, Asyraf is always interested in Japan’s stunning landscapes and nature. During weekends or school breaks, he goes around with his Nikon D90 to snap photos, which he then uploads it onto his blog, social media accounts and his Etsy shop to be sold as photo or canvas prints and digital prints.

You can visit his blog, Instagram and Etsy shop below:

Blog: mypixeldiaries.com
Etsy: www.mypixeldiaries.etsy.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/asyyyyyyyyyy


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