Japan, Christmas & KFC

Hey all!

I know this is a rather late Christmas post, but I’ve been quite busy the past few days. So anyway, Merry Christmas, everyone!

This may be my 3rd year staying in Kyoto, but this is only my 1st time being here during Christmas, since I usually return to Singapore the past couple of years. I got on the festive mood by having a Velvet cake and a Mont Blanc cake (both are kinda small in size) which were heavily discounted at a Family Mart nearby.

Long Queues Seen Outside of KFC during Christmas in Japan

Anyway, I’m not sure if many of you guys know this, but here in Japan, the locals go to KFC during Christmas.


KFC in BiVi Nijo, Kyoto, during Christmas Eve | 24.12.2017
KFC in BiVi Nijo, Kyoto, during Christmas Eve | 24.12.2017

So, on Christmas Eve, as I went to watch Star Wars (oh the movie was so intense!) at the Toho Cinemas in BiVi Nijo near where I live, I happened to walk past KFC. KFC itself, is not that popular in the whole of Japan, so it’s quite uncommon to see one, as compared to McDonald’s. So I was kinda surprised to see one there, and I was even more surprised with the crowd. I could see a really long queue. The outlet itself seemed rather small, so the queue extended outside the store. And as I went up the escalator, I saw one of the customers who had just received his order, and wow, wow, wow…he was carrying BUCKETS of chicken.

I remember the 1st time I heard about Japanese people having KFC during Christmas, and I couldn’t quite believe it, because…WHY? WHY JAPANESE PEOPLE?!

The Real Reason

So apparently, I heard from one of my teachers that the chicken from KFC “resembles” turkey. And because it is just impossible to get turkey here in Japan, Japanese Christians (or some say that it’s actually foreigners instead) opted for KFC’s finger lickin’ good fried chicken due to a “Kentucky for Christmas!” marketing campaign way back in 1974. The marketing campaign turned out to be very successful and the KFC culture is still going strong, even until now.


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