A Year of Absence

Hello everyone!

It has been a really tough 1 year for me, and hence, the long absence after just my first post on this blog. After much thought, I realised that I could have maybe posted 1 post each month for the past year and this, I think, would be good enough for a start.

But I guess, I should probably “start” this blog (again) afresh.

So, to continue from what happened in my previous post, I have been admitted to Ritsumeikan University, and yes, I am already in my 2nd semester here. It has been a rather difficult journey for me, since I was a Engineering / Natural Science student but here I am, as a Liberal Arts / Social Science student. To be honest, I was a bit lost, and I still kinda am. The change was rather huge for me, so I’m still trying to find my way through all these stuff. Sometimes I question myself, “Why am I here?” or maybe “Why did I even choose this major in the first place?”. I could have been in another major in another school doing scientific lab experiments or conducting tests for solar panels or wind turbines.

However, having to go through such a difficult selection process (as well as enrollment process due to its high tuition fees), I am determined to see this through. I already know that my 1st semester was really poor, and so will my 2nd semester. But come on, Asyraf! You can do this! I know you can…

Yes, I know I can…




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