EJU & Global 30

EJU stands for Examination (for) Japanese University (Admission). So naturally, international students who desire to study in a Japanese university had to take this standardised exam. They can either choose to take it in Japan or in their own respective countries. However, not all universities in Japan require prospective students to take the EJU. Universities which have the Global 30 program can also enter without taking EJU.

As for me, I plan to go for Ritsumeikan’s Global Studies Major, which falls under the Global 30 program. To enter, I need to pass 2 stages of selection processes. I have already passed the first one, which is just document screening. The second stage is the interview. I will have to go through a 20-minute interview at Ritsumeikan University next weekend. I have high hopes and feel confident that I can get accepted into this institution.

I have always wanted to join this Global 30 program, but my language school teachers insisted that I take this examination just so that I have more choices. Although I was reluctant to take this examination, in the end I still decided to apply for it due to the fact that I don’t want to let my teachers down. So here I am, mugging for tomorrow’s papers.